domingo, 6 de septiembre de 2015

Pudor by Jesus Romero Oleo s/tela 50 x50 cm 2015 Coleccion particular.

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  1. Hello, Jesus. I want you to know that I purchased this erotic painting at FluxBar when I was in Buenos Aires 2 weeks ago. I love it. Many thanks from Los Angeles... - Enrique


  2. Hi Enrique 'm just updating my blog and see your message, I'm so glad you liked my painting and see in Los Angeles, where you are now , you can see my work on facebook , https : // Romero- Performance Plastic - 245683242269545 / and follow my page , so if you are in Buenos Aires again you know if I 'm showing in Flux, or other lugar.te send a hug . and to see if I place yourself x facebook .Beso.Jesus Romero.